Gaston County has several utility systems serving the area. Most of the electrical, water and sewer capacity was designed to serve the textile industry. Over the years, a decrease in demand from the textile industry has resulted in a significant surplus of water and sewer capacity for most industrial properties. Natural gas is readily available in most locations.

Telecommunication services are provided by major national and regional carriers in both fiber and wireless formats. In August of 2015, AT&T announced that select portions of Gaston County will be available to receive their GigaPower service with internet up to 1Gbps on a 100% fiber-optic network.

electricity providers

company contact phone email website
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC Tammy Whaley 704-788-4957 tammy.whaley@duke-energy.com duke-energy.com
City of Gastonia Paul Jakubczak 704-866-6013 paulj@cityofgastonia.com cityofgastonia.com
City of Cherryville Richard Randall 704-530-4913 rrandall@cityofcherryville.com cityofcherryville.com
REA Joseph Joplin 828-245-1621 N/A remc.com

gas providers

Company Contact Phone Email Website
PSNC Customer Contact Center 877-776-2427 N/A psncenergy.com
Bessemer City Allan Farris 704-833-0360 allan@bessemercity.com bessemercity.com
City of Kings Mtn. Steve Killian 704-734-4596 stevek@cityofkm.com cityofkm.com

Water / Sewer Providers

City/Town Contact Phone Email Website
Belmont Chuck Flowers 704-825-0512 cflowers@cityofbelmont.org cityofbelmont.org
Bessemer City Lee Hayes 704-833-0390 leehayesbc@aol.com bessemercity.com
Cherryville Richard Randall 704-435-3451 rrandall@cityofcherryville.com cityofcherryville.com
Cramerton Michael Peoples 704-824-4337 mpeoples@cramerton.org cramerton.org
Dallas Bill Trudanack 704-922-9961 btrudnak@dallasnc.net dallasnc.net
Gastonia Matt Bernhardt 704-866-6843 mattb@cityofgastonia.com cityofgastonia.com
High Shoals Lucy Williams 704-735-1651 cityhs@charter.net N/A
Kings Mtn. Steve Killian 704-734-0333 stevek@cityofkm.com cityofkm.com
Lowell Ben Blackburn 704-824-3518 robinblckbrn@aol.com lowellnc.com
McAdenville Gene McCombs 704-824-3190 rycemccombs@aol.com N/A
Mount Holly James Friday 704-827-3931 james.friday@mtholly.us mtholly.us
Ranlo Al Greene 704-824-3461 algreene3@gmail.com N/A
Spencer Mtn. Jamie Davis 704-813-9342 ann.jenkins@pharryarns.com N/A
Stanley Tom Datt 704-263-4779 tdatt@carolina.rr.com townofstanley.org

Water / Sewer Capacity & Consumption

City/Town Water Capacity (GDP) Avg. Water Consumption (GDP) Waste Water Capacity (GDP) Avg. Waste Water Consumption (GDP)
Belmont 10,000,000 2,000,000 5,000,000 1,500,000
Bessemer City 3,000,000 G* 1,200,000 1,609,000 657,000
Cherryville 3,200,000 900,000 2,000,000 1,200,000
Cramerton (Two Rivers) 1,000,000 G** 600,000 G** 4,000,000 G** 600,000 G*
Dallas 1,000,000 700,000 650,000 325,000
Gastonia (Crowders Creek) 25,200,000 12,500,000 6,000,000 2,300,000
Gastonia (Long Creek) N/A N/A 16,000,000 6,700,000
High Shoals 40,000 19,000 33,900 9,000
Kings Mtn. 8,000,000 2,000,000 6,000,000 1,700,000
Lowell 2,000,000 G* 250,000 600,000 230,000
McAdenville 986,000 G* 179,000 120,000 40,000
Mount Holly 6,000,000 4,200,000 4,000,000 2,000,000
Ranlo 500,000 G* 400,000 400,000 170,000
Spencer Mtn. 180,000 W* 700 50,000 700
Stanley 900,000 M* 750,000 700,000 350,000
G* - Water supplied to City/Town of Gastonia. G** - Two Rivers water and sewer system is a expanded municipal model controlled by Cramerton & Gastonia. M* - Water supplied to town by Mt. Holly. W* - Water supplied by community well.

telecommunication providers

company contact phone email website
AT&T Danielle Westpheling 800-781-0740 dwestpheling@att.net att.com
Windstream Doug Crocker 704-926-1909 doug.crocker@windstream.com windstram.com
Time Warner Curtis Heffelfinger 704-909-9777 curtis.heffelfinger@twcable.com N/A
Delta Com (Earth Link) Direct Dial 800-239-3000 N/A earthlink.net
Comporium Direct Dial 704-499-9930 N/A comporium.com
*Note: There are additional telecommunication providers not listed. The above providers have switches and infrastructure in Gaston County. * Duke Energy and the City of Gastonia have dark fiber in some areas.

solid waste & recycling provider

company contact phone email website
Gaston County Landfill Marcie Smith 704-922-0267 msmith@co.gaston.nc.us gastongov.com/departments/solid-waste
Several of the local towns contract with waste haulers to provide service for their communities - Cramerton has Waste Management and Belmont has someone else. Sometimes the County’s landfill is the final destination and others have their own landfill.
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