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gaston county building inspections

The Gaston County Building Inspections Department enforces State Building Codes on new construction for all of the unincorporated areas of the County and the incorporated areas of Bessemer City, Cherryville, Dallas, High Shoals, Stanley, Ranlo, Lowell, Spencer Mountain, Mount Holly, McAdenville, Cramerton, Delview, and Belmont.

Building Permit Information is available:
Administrative Building
128 W. Main Avenue
Gastonia, NC 28053

natural resources department

The Natural Resources Department works to sustain and improve the natural resources of Gaston County through regulatory, voluntary and education programs. Regulatory programs include the Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control and the Stormwater Ordinances. These regulate stormwater runoff from construction sites and from developed sites.

Gaston County Natural Resources Department
1303 Cherryville Hwy
Dallas, NC 28034

A storm water permit is required for all land disturbing operations that equal or exceeds one acre. The Gaston County Board of Commissioners has established permit review fees equal to $275.00 per acre. These fees shall be doubled when activity subject to the ordinance begins before a storm water permit is obtained from the county.

For land disturbing areas equal to or more than one acre, the storm water permit application plan shall be prepared by and bear the seal and signature of a professional engineer or landscape architect licensed in the state of North Carolina.

  • Example:
  • 1.0 acre = $275.00
  • 1.1 acre = $550.00

city of gastonia permitting center

Through the commitment of the Gastonia City Council and the citizens of Gastonia, the historic former Gaston County Courthouse building was restored as the James B. Garland Municipal Business Center, a symbol of economic development in community. Increased technology and customer service presence allows the staff to better serve our development community. The Garland Business Center, your “One Stop Permitting Center,” promotes open communication between city departments and our customers.

building permits
City of Gastonia Inspections Division
150 S. York Street
Gastonia, NC 28052
what is needed:

New commercial projects or alterations:

  • Three (3) complete sets of sealed building plans with Appendix B of the North Carolina State Building Code as part of the plans
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Building/general contractors/subcontractors mailing address, zip code, and Contractors’ License Number
  • Proof of City of Gastonia Privilege License
  • Approved site plan from the City Engineering Department
  • Office trailers require a separate permit
unified development

Definition: Commercial, industrial, condominium, apartment complexes/developments, etc. consisting of more than two (2) acres or a tract less than or equal to two acres consisting of four (4) or more lots or tenant spaces.

the unified development process is:
  • Pick up appropriate checklist from Customer Service Representative
  • Applicant submits six (6) copies of plan for review
  • The City’s Technical Review Committee (TRC) reviews plan-TRC meets every Monday afternoon
  • Comments returned to applicant’s engineer for corrections-approximately three (3) weeks after submittal
  • Submittal to Planning Commission for approval-Planning Commission meets the first Thursday after first Tuesday of the month
  • Submittal to City Council for approval-Council meets first and third Tuesday of the month
  • Approval of unified development plan
  • Building permit issued
  • Submittal of building plans can be concurrent with unified development submittal
  • Approximate total approval time is three-four (3-4) months
site plans

A site plan is needed for any new building construction or addition to commercial, industrial, condominium, or apartment complexes/developments. See contact below for other conditions that may apply.

The site plan process is:

  • Pick up appropriate checklist from Customer Service Representative
  • Submit six (6) copies of plan for review
  • Technical Review Committee (TRC) reviews plan-every Monday afternoon
  • Comments returned to engineer for corrections-approximately three (3) weeks after submittal
  • Approval of site plan
  • Building permit
  • Approximate total approval time is two (2) months
  • Submittal of building plans can be concurrent with site plan submittal

*Note: Plans must be submitted before 12:00 Monday to make that week’s TRC meeting.

quick reference contacts:
engineering department:
  • Land Development (704) 866-6022
  • Design & Project Mgt. (704) 866-6943
  • Subdivisions (704) 866-6019
  • Site Plans/Unified Development (704) 866-6895
  • Traffic Engineering (704) 866-6765
  • Water/Sewer Availability (704) 866-6943
  • Stormwater Utility (704) 869-1063
planning department:
  • Inspections (704) 866-6729
  • Planning (704) 866-6837
  • Public Hearing Contact (704) 854-6629
  • Zoning Board of Adjustments (704) 866-6746
  • Sign Permits (704) 836-0093
  • Home Occupations License (704) 836-0093
  • Floodplain Information (704) 866-6746
  • HDCA (704) 866-6796
permits/inspection codes:
  • Building (704) 866-6729
  • Plumbing (704) 866-6729
  • Mechanical (704) 866-6729
  • Electrical (704) 866-6729

city of belmont planning & zoning

The City of Belmont reviews development plans for compliance with its zoning requirements, engineering and utility practices and the fire code. If you are building, expanding, or renovating a building, including a house, you will need a zoning permit from the Planning and Zoning Department.

All development plans are submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department. Plans are then distributed to other departments. Below are links to the various other agencies that, depending on the nature of the project, may be involved in plan review. Please contact City Planner Alex Robinson at 704-901-2066 for more information.

Chapter 15 of the Land Development Code outlines the plan review process for various development projects. The process varies depending on the size and scope of a project. Gaston County conducts all building code reviews and does all building code inspections in Belmont. Gaston County Natural Resources reviews all Soil Erosion and Sedimentation plans as well as all Phase 2 Stormwater plans.

City of Belmont
115 North Main Street
Belmont, NC 28012
Phone 704-825-5586
620 N. Main Street
Belmont, NC 28012
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